Cutting Your Printing Costs

When it comes to your copier, the machine does a lot of work in your office. While your equipment is up to the task of producing needed copies, there are always ways to reduce your copier costs. Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Create Authorized Users

The first...

Confused Man in Office Comparing his Ties

In your search for a service to create efficient printing practices in your office, you have probably heard of both cost per copy and managed print services. At first glance, they can seem similar. To get a better understanding of how they differ and get a feel for what might work best for you, read the following:

What is Cost Per Copy?

Cost per copy is a program...

Redheaded Woman on the Cozy Couch

For most people, the only other place they spend every day beside their home is where they work. It makes sense then that an office space should be inviting and comfortable. Equally, customers enjoy visiting a place that makes them feel welcomed. Here are a few tricks that can make your office feel more like home.

Welcoming Energy

Distinctive offices are memorable...

Frustrated and impatient customer

We’ve all had an experience trying to contact a business only to find out that their system is down. It is a frustrating and time-consuming situation. The success of a business is dependent on its relationship with new and returning customers. Read on to find out how you can retain clients and keep them satisfied.

How Downtime Affects Your Business

In today’s world,...

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When the time has come to replace your copier, it’s not as easy as kicking it to the curb. Follow these steps to ensure that you replace responsibly and legally.

1. Resell, Donate or Recycle

If you own your copier, you have a couple of different choices when it comes to getting rid of your copier. If you’re replacing your copier because you want a new model, then you...

One of the greatest expenditures for business is printing. You may have tried to cut printing costs on your own and found that the task is larger than it seems. A managed print service provider can tackle the job of analyzing your printing fleet and user behavior to hone in on what exactly your company needs. Read on to learn what everyone should know about...

Industry trends are always changing, and while you don’t have to try all of them, a co-working space is one that you might be on board with. The concept of a collaborative workspace involves taking down cubicles and opening the entire office space. Here are three reasons you should be the next to try a co-working office.

1. Increased Collaboration

The distinct...

Prada paperclip shaped moneyclip


You may have heard the story about the $185 paperclip shaped moneyclip from high-end designer Prada, if not check it out. If you're an avid office supply fan, a lover of paperclips or a lover of Prada you may not have a problem throwing down the money for this money handling device. However...

When it’s time to replace your copier you want it to fit all your criteria. The problem with choosing criteria is that you might not be aware of some functions that vary on individual copiers. To ensure that you do not overspend or end up with the wrong machine for your office, consider the following ways copiers can differ.

Common Copier Options

Print Speed...

Often when people think about improving their office furniture, they imagine a complete (and expensive) overhaul. A whole room makeover doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Sometimes the best office reinventions are the easiest. Consider these three small changes that can make for exciting updates.

1. Sit Stand Desks

For a more flexible workspace, try an...


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