4 Ways to Secure Your Copier

You know that you need to keep the data on your computer safe, but what about your copier? Protect sensitive information that passes through your copier in the same manner as your other software. Follow these tips to limit the risk of data theft.

Strengthen Your Security

1. Passwords

The most direct way to protect documents at your copier is by installing a passcode. A passcode will require users to enter their individual code to release their print job. People feel more secure with this form of protection because their documents won’t be sitting in the tray before they can come pick them up.

2. Place equipment in a common area

The best way to discourage snooping is to put your copier in an open area. An ideal location would also be near a paper shredder to get rid of unneeded documents.

3. Protect the hard drive

If you are planning to get rid of your current copier or are leasing, don’t forget that the hard drive stores information as well. Take the proper steps to erase the information when disposing of the machine and hard drive.

4. Delete print jobs

After a print job is released, it can be held on a copier for awhile. Use software or establish a process that wipes all information from the copier.

Copiers Are an Integral Part of Your Office

Protecting your data from malicious intent or wandering eyes is a responsibility of your company. Whatever your industry, clients, and employees should be able to trust you with their information. Copiers hold data and need as much protection as the rest of the software in your office.

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