Do You Know the Benefits of a Touch-Screen Display?

copier touch screen display

If you are in the market for a new copier, you are aware of the multitude of options. Have you noticed that many manufacturers are now offering copiers with touch-screen displays? Both laser and inkjet printers and multi-function machines are starting to have this technology as an option. You may have asked yourself if a copier with a touch screen display is even necessary for your office. Some people would argue that the not every new piece of technology that hits the market needs to be invested in. This is a mistake when considering touch-screen displays because the benefits are not to be overlooked. Copiers with touch screens displays have an added layer of editing capability and security functions.

Editing Benefits

On screen editing tools reduce waste and save time. These tools include the ability to move pages to create a different order or delete an unneeded page as well as rotating and flipping pages. Depending on the size of the screen you can also use the touch screen for real-time image previews.

Ease of Access

With a touch screen copier, you can create a display that works for your office. You can rearrange icon layouts to make the needed tools and functions for a particular job quickly accessible. The screen can be completely customizable and suited just for you.

If you are looking to purchase a new copier, you have probably considered different features that exist and how they come together on various models. The inclusion of a touch-screen display is not one to overlook. Anything that can make time spent at the copier more pleasant and less consuming deserves to be considered. If you would like to know more about touch screen displays or copiers in general, contact us.