2 Ways to Create an Ergonomic Desk Area

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More businesses are highlighting the importance of an ergonomic workplace and for a good reason. Ergonomic furniture can affect your comfort and efficiency. For those who spend a majority of their time in the office this is essential to productivity. Here are two ways your office furniture can create a more ergonomic desk area.

1. Start with Your Desk

The word ergonomics usually brings to mind a desk chair, but there are other factors that play into creating a healthy work environment. To start, look at your keyboard and mouse placement. Your elbows should be to your side and your arms at or below a 90-degree angle. For your keyboard, set it one to two inches above your thighs and positioned down and away from you.

Also on your desk is your screen. The ideal distance is an arm's length away so that your middle fingers touch the screen.

2. Ergonomic Chairs

Your office furniture is only going to be as helpful as your body posture. To start, move your chair away from your desk and find your natural posture. Your natural posture is when your vertebrae are stacked and as you breathe your entire back moves. Once you are aware of your natural posture, you can choose an ergonomic chair.

The chair of your choosing should provide lumbar support. You’ll always want to check for the amount of space between the back of your knees and the edge of your chair. Make sure your feet are on the floor and thighs are below the hips. If you’re ever sitting in a strange position, you need to readjust your chair following these guidelines.

Office furniture can make a big difference in our level of comfortability in the workplace. For more information on creating an ergonomic desk area, call us today!