What's the Deal with Sit/Stand Desks?


If you've been researching office furniture for your workplace, you've probably heard of these: the famous sit/stand desks that are taking the business world by storm. They come with many promises and a lot of rave reviews--so let's slow it down and take a closer look at sit/stand desks.

Best of Both Worlds

By now, we all know how bad it can be to spend all day sitting. However, standing all day isn't much better--so what we really need is a compromise.

Enter the sit/stand desk, a revolution in the world of office furniture. By combining the best of both worlds, sit/stand desks allow your employees to make choices about their own comfort, convenience, and health, allowing them to take control of their work life. The result is equal to all the benefits of sitting, all the benefits of standing, and none of the frustration and discomfort of having to choose one or the other for an entire eight-hour day!

Here are a few things to know about sit/stand desks:

  • Flexibility

Employees deserve control over their work environment--especially when just a little flexibility makes them happier, more efficient workers. Sit/stand desks allow employees to decide what's most comfortable for them and make it happen whenever they choose!

  • Health

Customers can tell when you value and actively protect the health of your employees. Sitting all day is bad for physical health and can even have psychological effects--so don't keep your employees cooped up. Instead, let them sit or stand at their leisure.

  • Options

When it comes to sit/stand desks, you've got two main options: electric and non-electric. Electric desks do the work for you, while non-electric desks require you to change the height and settings manually.

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