3 Things to Remember for Successful Disaster Recovery


It doesn't seem that long ago that disaster recovery only meant physical rebuilding after disasters. Now, it still means that, but it also means data backup and recovery options for any size business, because your data is the heart of your business.

Disaster Recovery Explained

Disaster recovery is the answer to your worst business fears – losing everything you've built and what you need to continue.

Disaster recovery is a system that saves, processes, and organizes all your data, sets an action point for recovery, organizes solutions for the recovery process, and then sets up communications points. The recovery system is built into the backup so that you get your entire business back.

While there is the business owner's responsibility of backing up data, investing in recovery, and following through on updates, with the right team, you can be sure your company data is protected from any disaster – cyber or physical. Having a team that knows IT solutions is key.

Managing Proactive Solutions

Being proactive is the only way to get ahead of a disaster situation. That means working with your team to take all the steps toward the best disaster recovery plan available.

This starts with the following:

1. Backups and Data Protection Plans

You are ensuring that your backup process is vetted and reliable is your first standard for disaster recovery. Don't skip your backup and organization to create the kind of data field you want to draw on.

2. Recovery Timeline and Expectations

Be realistic about how quickly you can access your data and have your entire business back up and running after an incident. What do you expect? Then, communicate this with the team so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Staying on Top of Updates

Making sure that you and your team follow an update schedule will keep the process fresh and ensure it will run smoothly in the event of a hack, flood, theft, or other problem.

Be the Key to Recovery

Disaster recovery needs a solid foundation and a reliable vendor team to support your business. You'll get both with ABM – you can make disaster recovery work for you. Reach out today.