3 Ways Managed Network Solutions Can Help Secure Your Small Business

managed network solutions

Modern life seems to demand a level of connectivity that many people are not secured for, including your small business. Data security is a critical piece of any business' IT plan and making sure you are preparing for the worst with a reliable and comprehensive plan is half the battle. Managed Network Solutions can help you implement your security protocols, or (more likely) just take care of it for you and give you peace of mind. Here are three things that a Managed Network Solutions provider can do to help secure your business.

Regulate your users and their actions

A Managed Network Solutions provider can step in and help you implement rules for users which can help secure your business and prevent the typical 'user error' issues which, in some severe cases, can cause massive security liabilities if not managed correctly. User account administration is an essential service available from these providers.

Implement a scheduled and recurring backup plan

Another key feature of many managed network solutions providers is planning and applying a regular backup plan. Most small businesses back their data up occasionally at best, and not in the most efficient way available. A managed services provider will work with you to understand your business and put in place a system to ensure your data is always secure if a disaster strikes.

Secure your Network Connections

Networking is one of the most complex sectors of information technology, and one which is difficult to develop a level of knowledge or expertise high enough to secure your networks and maintain that security through the ever-changing network landscape. A Managed Network Solutions provider will set up a time to analyze your network for gaps in your security and produce a Network Health Report for you to see recommendations and issues your business is facing.

For many business owners, IT is somewhat of a black box and leads to confusion more often than the efficiency it promises. You don't have to take care of this yourself. You aren't alone, so give us a call and talk to us about your concerns and goals, and we can do this together.