4 Managed Print Services Solutions for SMBs

people using printer in office

Small and medium businesses can't afford to waste time and money on inefficiencies. Nonetheless, print-related disorganization is a frequent source of waste, leading to hidden spending and low productivity. Managed print services provide SMBs with solutions well-known to lower costs through the improved use of resources and more efficient print-related workflows.

Here's how managed print services companies help SMBs meet their goals.

  1. Decreased equipment downtime — When your multifunction copiers and printers experience downtime, productivity takes a plummet as well. With so many people relying on your printing equipment so they can stay on task, managed print services providers prioritize preventative maintenance. Remote monitoring solutions keep technicians informed when something looks amiss; issues can often be corrected before anyone in your office knows there's a problem.
  2. Lower print volumes — Unchecked printing habits contribute to high costs. Without insight into print volumes, you've no idea where you stand or if you're making progress. Managed print services provide solid numbers along with solutions to curb non-essential printing.
  3. Improved workflows — Do your copiers and printers improve productivity or are they frustrating your team's efforts to perform essential tasks? Managed print services assessments include an analysis or your workflows, realigning printer fleets to match team members with the features they need to do their jobs. They'll suggest removing redundant or inefficient equipment to improve workflows further, lower costs, and increase print security.
  4. Automatic supply deliveries — SMBs can't afford to waste toner, but in unmanaged print environments, it's a common problem. Managed print services companies can arrange to ship supplies automatically the moment levels dip below a predetermined point.

Is your small company spending too much on printing? To find out how you're doing, contact Allen Business Machines for an insightful Managed Print Services assessment today!