5 Reasons SMB Leaders Choose Managed Network Solutions

woman on the phone in office

The rapidly evolving technology landscape has many SMBs scrambling to maintain and protect their network. Here's a look at why business leaders are looking to managed network solutions for answers.

  1. No lag time — Implementing in-house IT takes a considerable amount of time, especially when you're starting from ground zero. The time between research and implementation could be longer than you'd anticipated, and that's time better spent on your business. With a managed network solutions approach, the infrastructure is already there, so you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately.
  2. Lower costs — Managed network solutions providers bear the lion's share of your IT costs, but that's not the case if you decide to handle everything in-house. To begin with, you'll need the capital for infrastructure and someone to run everything. Ongoing training costs must be considered as well as salaries and benefits.
  3. Dependability — Managed network solutions providers have IT services as their core business initiative. They put their money into finding the best technicians and engineers in the field, researching the latest technologies and threats, and keeping their infrastructure up to date. From the end user's standpoint, this means everything from access to superior equipment and technicians to 24/7 protection from ongoing threats.
  4. Helpdesk support — Knowing where to turn when you have questions is invaluable. Managed network solutions companies provide helpdesk support as a crucial part of their services.
  5. Increased security — Why let a missed update or system vulnerability take down your entire company, especially when a managed network solutions provider can stay on top of things for you? The money you invest in managed network services will more than make up for avoiding a catastrophic security disaster.

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