5 Reasons You Need a New Copier

man with copier issues

Sometimes we don’t want to invest in new office equipment because we are familiar with the machine we have. While being comfortable is a desirable state if you are always frustrated at your copier it might be for these five reasons.

1. Unmet Goals

If your copier is taking up time from IT or support issues, you probably see missed deadlines for other projects. Issues such as production pace, software updates, and downtime can lead to unmet goals. Investing in a new copier can seem like a financial setback but should be looked at from the viewpoint of increasing profits through productivity.

2. Sustainability

A copier can cause your company to overspend for a couple of reasons. First, older machines are less energy efficient and increase the power bill. Secondly, poor quality copy jobs lead to the need to redo projects costing money and wasting consumables.

3. Bottleneck Problems

When multiple teams are trying to finish separate projects at once, your copier can take the brunt of that force. Investing in a new copier will relive the stress as an updated machine will be able to handle more jobs and not create a traffic jam.

4. Constant Repair Needs

A copier that is down half the time is not a working machine. It’s time for a new copier if your employees are forced to take jobs out of the building because they can’t be completed in-house. Constantly repairing a copier is putting money into it that you could spend on something more efficient.

5. Security

Protecting your sensitive data is more important than ever. Cyber threats are advancing steadily while accidental eye slips to confidential information happen. An older copier without the ability to protect your data internally or with a passcode is leaving your business vulnerable.

It’s easy to see how these five reasons are costing you more money than investing in a new copier. To learn more about current industry standards and equipment, call us today.