5 Rules on Creating Collaborative Coworking Space

High Walled Cubicles

Have you ever worked in an environment with depressing and dark cubicles? Not exactly a mood booster is it? More offices are now moving towards an Open Door Policy, which comes with an open-aired office to promote a more collaborative coworking environment. An Open Door Policy encourages openness and transparency between employees and managers—so why not do the same with work areas?

Rule #1: Tear Down Those Walls

Remove the high-walled cubicles and actually allow the sun to shine on your desk plant once in awhile! Cubicles recently turned 50 a few years ago, according to Business Insider, and boy, what a life it had! They may have worked in the 80’s or 90’s, but in today’s workplace, instead of increasing productivity, they can cause low morale. Many companies today are choosing opened collaboration over isolation for this reason.

Rule #2: Let There Be Light (and Color)

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