Are Business Phone Systems Still Important?

phone systems

In this day and age, where communication is as fast as a text or as easy as an email, many companies are starting to wonder whether they still need a phone system. It's a big question--and the answer might surprise you.

The Truth About Phone Systems

Pretend, for a moment, that you're a customer looking to do business with a certain company. You've done your research and they seem legitimate, but you have a question and you'd really like to discuss it over the phone. As it turns out, though, the business doesn't have a phone number--just an email address and a live chat option.

Does that raise any red flags about this business? Do you think for even a moment that something might not be right? Well, the truth is that your customers will feel that too--and you definitely want your first impression to be a positive one.

As it turns out, phone systems are still a huge part of business communication--and it's not just about first impressions. Here are a few more reasons phone systems haven't gone out of style!

  • Human conversation

Texting, emailing, and live chatting are great, but they don't allow a full range of communication techniques. Pauses, volume, inflection, and tone are just a few examples of ways your voice communicates just as much as the words themselves--and only a phone system lets you take advantage of that.

  • Efficiency

Sure, it's quick and easy to send a text--but if you have a complicated question, sometimes it's easier to discuss things with a human being. Phone systems allow your customers to have that option whenever they need it.

  • Budget-friendliness

Finally, the greatest thing about phone systems is that they don't have to be old-fashioned. There are a variety of affordable, reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) options that rely on your WiFi rather than expensive equipment--which frees you up to communicate your way.

Are you getting the most out of your phone system? Wondering if it's time for an upgrade? Contact us today to get started!