Cloud-Managed Networks: Coming to Your Office Soon

cloud concept

Chances are, your business has enlisted cloud services for efficient document management in your office. The cloud has streamlined security, sharing, and filing for companies of every shape and size. With document management operated through the cloud, the next step in utilizing cloud functions is managing your network through your cloud service.

Cloud-managed networking gives you the ability to monitor and manage wireless network access points from anywhere. You are also given the freedom to resolve issues, make changes, and keep users satisfied from anywhere.

Here is how cloud-managed networks will benefit your business:

Predictable Costs

Cloud network management allows you to create a fully customized plan for your business. You control the apps, services, and licenses that your company uses, giving you control over your network.

Simplified Network Management

Without a cloud-managed network, your company must rely on a certified expert to regularly ensure that your network solutions are up-to-date and functioning effectively. Cloud-management solutions make managing sites easy, as they are centralized to an intuitive management platform. Your business is equipped with solutions and programs to monitor your entire network and the information stored on it.

Reliable Services

Your team and customers need 24/7 access to your business’ network without exception. Network downtime is the number one killer of employee productivity, so ensuring that your network stays up is a high priority. Cloud-management gives you the certainty that you need in order to know that your network will stay running. Cloud-managed networks are developed with impressive infrastructure that keeps sites and networks running, manageable, and secure.

Next Steps with ABM

At Allen Business Machines, we are passionate about equipping businesses with the proper equipment and network solutions to increase productivity. Contact us to learn more about how cloud-managed networks can benefit your business!