Creating a Print Security Plan


When it comes to IT security planning, one thing that tends to get overlooked is the humble, hardworking printer. Unfortunately, this small mistake can lead to huge disasters. Read on to find out the dangers of not having a print security plan--and how managed IT services can help you create one.

Don't Let Your Printers Be Victims

Here's a somewhat unsettling fact to motivate your security planning: as it turns out, printers are often the first thing hackers will attack when trying to gain access to your network. Simply because most companies forget to include printers in their security protocols. The results can be catastrophic. Since printers tend to store a lot of information and can be connected to almost every other device in your workplace, letting them become victims of hacking can lead to malware, stolen data, corrupted files, and more.

No Need to Panic

The good news is that with help from managed IT services, you can add printing to your IT security plan without too much trouble. Here are a few simple tips to get you started!

Tip #1: Encrypt.

Encryption can be your best friend in case of a break-in. Encrypt all data going to or from the printer--that way, nobody who steals your data will be able to use it.

Tip #2: Destroy.

Managed IT is all about helping you catch things you might not have noticed otherwise. Take, for example, your printer's hard drive. This is where the machine stores all the data you receive, send, and print--which means that hard drives should be regularly wiped (or sometimes destroyed, if you're getting rid of the machine).

Tip #3: Integrate.

Printers aren't standalone machines anymore--which means they need to be a fully integrated part of your IT security plan. If you aren't integrating all your tech as a cohesive whole, you run the risk of leaving weak points where hackers can gain access.

Looking for help with your IT security planning? Managed IT services are on your side. Contact us today to get started!