Cutting Costs with Managed Print Services

managed print services

It makes sense that companies keep a close eye on their expenses, especially printing. The problem is that many don’t know how to keep track of printing costs that are not obvious. Manage print is a service that observes your printing environment and provides recommendations to improve it. Here’s how a provider can help you cut costs.

Finding Hidden Costs

Associated with printing costs are large expenses like the actual printer and the purchasing of consumables like paper and ink. While these are necessary to account for, many businesses forget to take into consideration hidden printing costs. Take for example, if no one ever uses duplex printing. There is the potential to maximize printing savings by creating duplex printing guidelines when applicable.

Managed print services will first assess your current printing environment to observe employee habits. This will give your service provider insight into where there are ‘hidden’ printing costs.

Implementing New Strategies

To take control of your printing costs, you can implement printing policies. These are official guidelines for what is and isn’t appropriate. Every companies policy will vary, and they depend on what type of printing you do. You can limit color printing, personal printing, and wasted paper. Using authentication codes helps to reduce paper waste. It only releases print jobs once a user inputs a code eliminating forgotten print jobs that end up in the trash. A managed print service provider can help you create print policies that work best for your office.

Increase Sustainability

An additional positive outcome of cutting costs with managed print is that your office will become inherently more sustainable. Costs are reduced less ink and paper usage, and your sustainability goals will be more readily met.

A simple assessment by managed print services can bring to the surface issues of unknown costs. Once you have this knowledge, you can put policies in place that will significantly decrease the cost of printing. To learn more about using managed print services in your office call us today!