Data Backup is Not the Same as Disaster Recovery

data backup

Backing up your files is as easy as using a thumb drive or uploading documents to cloud software. While this protects your data, it’s not a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Read on to learn why the two are not the same.

Why the Two are not Synonymous

Backing up your data saves it to a secure off-site location. You are then able to access files in the situation that your headquarters are destroyed or made inhabitable. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, is a more substantial process that replicates your entire computing environment. Your computer environment includes features such as applications, software, and your network as a whole. Therefore data back up is one part of disaster recovery and should not be used as a complete solution.

Disaster Recovery as a Whole

To replicate your system in its entirety, you’ll need to copy local data, settings, and memory. You want to be able to access your data in the same familiar way you have always done. Most anyone can back up their data to cloud software on their own. Preparing your files for disaster recovery can be a little more challenging. Managed network solutions is a third party service that maintains your IT network allowing you to focus on other business-critical tasks. A managed network solutions provider that you have access to data as well as restore your computer environment in case of a disaster.

Backup and Disaster Recovery are Both Essential

While data backup is not the same as disaster recovery, they are both essential to prolonging the lifespan of your business should a disastrous event occur. Having a managed network solutions team maintain your IT network is also a great way to promote the security of your business to clients. Customers will be happy to know they can depend on you even in an emergency situation.

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