Do Something Unpredictable—Send a Letter!

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The digital age has brought about tremendous change in the way businesses and individuals approach just about everything. The debate about whether this brave new virtual world is all good or a mix of both good and bad makes for interesting conversation. In the meantime, why not take advantage of the current fixation with screens to do something completely unexpected, like send your customers a letter?

Say Hello in a New (Old) Way

When was the last time you sent your customers a letter? Not a postcard or flyer. We're talking about an old-fashioned, take-a-look-at-that-beautiful-stationery, snail mail letter. The very idea may be so unexpected that it creates a real stir among your customer base.

If it's been a while since you've gone old school, you may need to start at square one—designing your letterhead. If that's the case, here are three tips for a good start:

1. Promote Your Brand— If you've got a well-designed logo, use it as a starting point for your letterhead.

2. Keep Things Elegantly Simple— Choose simple font designs and avoid the temptation to clutter up your letterhead with too much information.

3. Get Some Help— Get expert help from software design programs or outsource to professional graphic artists if you're not comfortable creating your letterhead in-house. Both are worth the investment.


If your current print solutions don't meet your needs, even relatively simple printing projects can be difficult to accomplish. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Not all print solutions are the same, and certainly, not every offering is right for your company. Look for an innovative partner offering customized print solutions to help you meet your objectives. The best approach also delivers reduced costs while improving existing workflows.

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