Does Copier Recycling Cause Security Issues?


Many companies worry that going green and keeping data secure are two mutually exclusive goals. After all, there are risks involved with recycling your copier, right? Do you really have to choose between protecting the environment and protecting your data? Not anymore! Here are some tips to help you recycle copiers the secure way.

Solving an Important Issue

When it comes time to upgrade your office equipment, you have a few choices to make concerning the old devices. Plenty of businesses choose to recycle--but the problem is that they don't understand the security risks involved. The truth is that copiers, printers, and most modern devices have hard drives that remember just about everything, including customer records and sensitive business information. Luckily, once you're aware of this issue, it's easy to solve--so you don't have to choose between recycling your copier and keeping your data safe.

Here are some options when it comes to ensuring your security:

#1) Keep the hard drive.

This isn't always an option, depending on whether you bought or leased your copier, but if possible, always ask to keep the hard drive. That way, you can be responsible for its disposal and rest assured that it never falls into the wrong hands.

#2) Find a security partner.

You have lots of options for security partners, including managed print providers who will help you keep your copier secure throughout the machine's life cycle. You can also find experts who will perform the one-time service of guaranteeing that your hard drives have been completely shredded, wiped, or disposed of prior to recycling.

#3) Make security a habit.

Once you realize that nearly every device is remembering your sensitive data, you can make a habit of wiping hard drives and securely recycling copiers or other machines. Taking proactive steps means you won't have to scramble for a solution or worry about security on recycling day!

Copier recycling doesn't have to be a security threat as long as you know what the risks are. For more information on staying secure in the digital world, contact us today!