Does Your Company Need Web Filtering?

employees looking at laptop

In a modern workplace, the water cooler and break room are no longer the places employees linger to chat and waste time. Instead, they use their computers to keep them entertained, which can open the entire office up to security risks and a decline in productivity. Web filtering is a simple solution to many of the problems that can arise as your office grows and more people need to share your network to do their jobs.

With filtering technology in place, you can limit the site's employees can access, block them from downloading files or monitor their usage to get a better picture of how they work. By limiting the number of distractions available to employees, management can keep teams productive and stop potential privacy and security issues before they arise. Some of the best reasons to consider implementing web filters as part of your managed network solutions package include:

Save Bandwidth and Speed Up the Network

No matter how fast your Internet speed, issues with bandwidth can crop up quickly when you have multiple computers on the same network using a large amount of data at once. Using sites like YouTube or Facebook with lots of video content to load can eat up your bandwidth and cause the internet to run slower for everyone, including employees trying to work.

Increase Productivity

Time wasting online is one of the biggest problems for employers, especially when the employees need to have internet access to get work done. Web filtering allows employees to access only those sites they need for business while blocking out others that are unrelated.

Reduce Liability and Cyber Security Risks

Unrestricted internet access can lead to numerous issues, including:

  • Employees downloading pirated or sensitive content
  • Employees downloading viruses and other cybersecurity risks
  • Sharing of photos and sensitive information about your office and procedures on social media

If you're looking for an experienced managed network solutions provider in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area, contact Allen Business Machines today. Our team can help you implement the right level of web filtering to keep your workforce productive.