How Forgetting About Cyber Security Is Hurting Your Business

cyber security

The problem with cybersecurity is that you don’t think you need protection until your data is compromised. Forgetting about cybersecurity leaves your company open to infiltration which can amount to a significant loss in income and productivity. Read on to learn what security threats exist and the best way to protect yourself.

Top Security Threats

To understand how to protect your business, you need to know what threats cybersecurity will protect you from.

  • 1. Phishing: When hackers obtain personal information such as credit cards and passwords through false representation, it is known as phishing. Phishing is the most common form of cyber-theft because the ability to mask an email to look like a credible source is simple.

  • 2. Malware: Damage or infiltration to a computer without the owner's consent is malware. More widely known as computer viruses, malware is used to steal sensitive information or shut down the operation of a company.

  • 3.Ransomware: This type of malicious software holds a victim's files hostage until they pay a ransom. Either a person is locked out of their computer or the ransomware will threaten to publish personal information.

Taking Control

The security threats listed above are not far-off problems that only a few businesses encounter. They are common security threats that require proactive thinking.

Your IT network runs behind the scenes in your office and manages the day to day tasks. Sometimes this means cybersecurity can be low on the list of priorities. Enlisting the help of managed network services will allow your team to focus on business-critical functions. A managed network service provider will monitor your IT systems and fix issues before they arise. They are also there to provide ongoing education and planning strategies.

To learn more about creating a cybersecurity plan with managed network services, contact us today.