How Office Furniture Helps You Get Organized

office furniture

At first glance, you might think that office furniture is the culprit when it comes to clutter and disorganization, not the solution. After all, where better to stack papers than a desktop, and where better to cram random office supplies than a drawer? The truth, though, is that office furniture can actually help you get and stay organized--if it's put to work for you, that is.

Savvy Furniture

The thing about office furniture is that you can't just choose any old desk and expect it to miraculously solve your organization issues. Instead, you have to redesign your entire workspace to encourage good habits, support stress-free organization, and create a comfortable environment. For example, if you have a habit of stacking papers on the edge of your desk, maybe you need a file cabinet right next to you so that your papers are organized within arm's reach. Your only job is to decide what works best for the way you do things, and then find furniture that supports you!

Here are a few tips for making savvy furniture choices:

  • Start with lighting.

Lighting is a great place to start, because while it doesn't directly impact organization, it does encourage a comfortable, healthy, and inspiring workspace. (It's also a simple problem to solve--one more thing to mark off the to-do list!)

  • Rely on storage.

Get out of the habit of using your workspace, especially your desktop, to store or stack things. Instead, allow yourself to rely on file cabinets or drawers--and keep them well-organized from the very beginning.

  • Limit personal items.

Although personal items make your workspace seem more welcoming and comfortable, they can also add to the feeling of clutter. Try having only three personal items on your desk at once--and, of course, choose a desk that gives you plenty of room.

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