How Phone Systems Eliminate Inefficient Meetings


Inefficient meetings can be your company's worst enemy--and, in truth, they might be even worse than you realize. Today we'll take a look at the real cost of inefficient meetings, and how phone systems can make those problems a thing of the past.

What is an Inefficient Meeting?

Chances are, everyone has experienced a bad meeting at one time or another. They're easy to identify; frustrating, slow-paced, and counterproductive, they often feel pointless and sometimes even fail to get anything accomplished. If this sounds a little too familiar, you might be the victim of inefficient meetings.

Although inefficient meetings are, at first glance, nothing more than an irritation, the truth is that they can cost your company a lot of money. Here are just a few ways bad meetings are draining your budget:

  • workflow interruptions,
  • wasted time,
  • wasted supplies,
  • lowered morale,
  • higher stress levels,
  • and communication inefficiencies.

The Solution

The good news is that there's a simple, affordable solution: better phone systems. By keeping everyone organized, putting teams in constant contact, and helping facilitate more precise communication. Phone systems don't just make meetings easier--they make meetings less necessary in the first place. After all, when your phone systems are keeping everyone on the same page, you don't have as much need to call a meeting over every little thing.

Here are a few more benefits of upgrading your phone system:

  • Flexibility

Stay in contact no matter where you are. Today's phone systems work across multiple locations so that your teams are never anchored to a single office.

  • Efficiency

With tools that allow you to automate your answering machine, set up call routing, and even record conversations for manager review - you'll be able to boost efficiency without breaking a sweat.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems use your existing Internet connection to make and receive calls. Which means that you don't have to pay for new hardware or pricey installation.

So, could your company benefit from upgraded phone systems? Contact us today to get started!