Managed Network Solutions to Minimize Downtime


It's next to impossible to operate a business without robust IT systems. Companies and the people that run and support them depend on a high-functioning IT infrastructure to keep everyone connected and informed. Unfortunately, downtime is also a reality, and avoiding it as often as possible can be the difference between your company's ultimate success or failure.

Threats arrive in so many different forms that it's impossible to predict the flavor of the day. System bugs, ransomware, BEC attacks, and hardware failures are lying in wait to wreck your day, and possibly your entire business. According to the IT research firm, Gartner, just 6% of small businesses impacted by data loss manage a full recovery. Here are some ways a managed network solutions provider can help you make that percentage a little higher.

24/7 Network Monitoring

You have firewalls and antivirus solutions in place, but without consistent 24/7 monitoring, gaps are inevitable. Aging hardware can impact your network as well. Managed network solutions provided by professionals give you the added assurance of custom protections. Managed Network Services provider will:

  • Block incoming attacks, including emerging threats.
  • Perform system updates, relieving your employees of the responsibility and providing peace of mind.
  • Provide protections to keep employee error from impacting your network.
  • Automatically react when an issue arises that's out of the ordinary.
  • Perform routine administrative tasks for your desktop computers.
  • Provide mobile device management solutions to improve productivity and mitigate security risks.

Data Backup and Recovery

Do you have a plan in place if a disaster caused your network to go down, resulting in data loss? Most small businesses don't. Managed network solutions can provide continuous data backup, patch management, and virtual server services if your systems go down.

Downtime may not be 100% avoidable, but you can minimize its impact. Contact us at Allen Business Machines to get started today!