New Furniture, New Office: Tips For an Awesome Workplace


Whether you're moving into a new building, renovating your existing space, or just trying to freshen things up a bit, one thing is clear: you're going to need some new office furniture. Today, we'll share a few secrets for putting that office furniture to work for you, your employees, and your business as a whole.

Why Focus on Furniture?

There are plenty of solutions that boost efficiency, improve employee morale, and make your company look more professional--but the truth is that smart office furniture choices might be your best bet for doing all of those things at once. Furniture is simple but powerful, and even though it's often taken for granted, it has a significant impact on how people work, communicate, and create--which means it's one thing you can't afford to ignore.

The Fun Part

Now that you know why furniture is so important, it's time for the fun part: outfitting your office in just the right way. Here are a few smart tips to get you started!

#1: Start with seating.

Chairs are arguably the most important part of any office. Whether they're cozy couches in a customer area or the seats in the conference room, you want to prioritize both comfort and function. For example, if your employees sit at desks all day, ergonomic chair design is a must--and so are adjustable settings, high-quality fabrics, and excellent flexibility.

#2: Consider sit/stand desks.

If all that sitting sounds like a little much, your office might be a good candidate for sit/stand desks. The design allows employees to regularly switch positions without eliminating the comfort and functionality of typical desk setups.

#3: Try a team desk.

One big desk can be a powerful addition to your office community. Whether it's used for sharing ideas, chatting about the day, welcoming clients, or coming up with the "next big thing," a communal work area can make a big difference.

Are you renovating or moving into a new workplace? Are you looking for office furniture ideas? Contact us today for all the help you need!