Office Furniture - More Than Just Tables and Chairs

Office Furniture

When you think of office furniture what comes to mind? Maybe, cubicles? An actor slamming a file cabinet shut in frustration on your favorite TV show perhaps? Or, your attorney's mahogany desk that is almost as shiny as his (I'm guessing here) bald head? Regardless which one of these, or a million others images, sprung to your mind it is crucial to understand that one did. With that image came other sense memories like smell or sound. Maybe some emotional memories came to your mind as well. Your office furniture is your business' bones and for your employees and clients, they will create memories and impressions on their mind. Considering that your furnishings probably deserve more attention than you've given them.

We've all experienced an office that wasn't optimized for efficiency or, well, people in general. These environments create a disruptive and nagging annoyance which sits in the back of their user's mind. And, who are the users you might ask? Anyone in your office. Employees, vendors, and worst of all, clients. While the cloud has moved much of typical business to the web or relegated it to email interactions people still may want to come to your office to close a deal.

Now, you need to create a spa environment, but your office needs to have furnishings that fit together, are of a neutral palette, and won't offend the senses of users or jar them out of the positive experience you are trying to create for them. To execute this project, you may need to look into design options from your office vendor. And, here we will lose some business owners. "What do you mean, hire someone?! I can move around my own furniture!" Yes. We know you are an interior decorator, just ask anyone. Either way, there are tried and true design principles based off of cognitive psychology that is worth paying for the education of a pro.

The best part of an office design plan is that, as an investment, it is one that will pay dividends after its complete for years to come. We all hate when our favorite stores move everything for no reason. Don't be that office. Do it right the first time or don't do it at all. Take a look at some of the pieces that your business may need.