Office Furniture Tips: Standing Desk Accessories

standing desk

When we think about world progress, it's almost always technology that comes to mind--but it's not just computers and phones that are changing. We're also getting new perspectives on things we take for granted--like sitting. Sitting all day can be a big problem for your health, so companies of all shapes and sizes are trading traditional office furniture for something new: standing desk accessories.

Putting Health First

You have a lot of things to consider when it comes to office furniture, but your first priority should always be health. Sitting for eight hours a day (and sometimes more!) has been linked to all kinds of health concerns, from heart problems to depression--which is why standing desk accessories have become so popular. These accessories help make it comfortable, productive, and even fun to stand all day.

Not convinced? Let's take a look at a few accessories that might just make you change your mind!

#1: Standing desk floor mats

If you're worried that standing for so long might start to get uncomfortable, a standing desk floor mat is just what you need. These mats help improve comfort, minimize fatigue, and eliminate a lot of the pressure on your muscles and joints.

#2: Keyboard trays

Standing at your desk shouldn't cause stress or frustration, and if your keyboard is in the wrong place, that's exactly what you're going to get. Instead, choose under-the-desk keyboard and mouse trays that allow you to position everything in just the right way.

#3: Balance boards

Although sitting is the real problem here, it's fair to point out that standing in one place for so long is uncomfortable, too. Balance boards allow you to eliminate this problem by keeping your body and brain engaged--and they might even add a little fun to your work day.

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