Real Benefits of Sit/Stand Desks


When it comes to boosting productivity and improving employee morale, your mind probably jumps to something like high-end tech or a fancy new business solution. And while both of those things can help, they can't compare to the truly human benefits of healthier, more comfortable office furniture. Can't believe something as simple as a sit/stand desk could make that much difference? Read on to see for yourself!

Why Focus on Office Furniture?

The truth is that there are lots of ways to make your employees happier and healthier--but the easiest, and perhaps the most efficient is to target what they use most. Not the technology (although that's a close second), but the office furniture! In all honesty, making better and more effective choices in office furniture can boost productivity, minimize employee turnover, and even reflect in your customer service.

One great example of this is the sit/stand desk. Sit/stand desks allow employees to choose between multiple positions so that they aren't facing the health problems of a full day sitting, but they also don't have to put up with the discomfort of a full day standing.

Here are just a few things sit/stand desks can change in your workplace!

Employee health

We all know by now that sitting can have severe impacts on our health. Sit/stand desks give employees the option to limit the time they spend sitting on their watch, which puts them in charge of how many calories they want to burn, how they want to improve their posture, and so much more.

Employee morale

It's not just about making the workplace more comfortable. Employees like to know that they're working for a company that cares about them--and believe it or not, sit/stand desks can do wonders for that employee morale.

Company productivity

Healthier, happier employees are great for productivity--and they're even better for customer service. Something as simple as sit/stand desks can help keep your employees motivated to do their best, boost efficiency, and make customers love your business.

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