Solutions to the 7 Types of Cyberattacks

cyber attack

Cybercrime can threaten businesses of every shape and size. Almost half of all cyberattacks target small companies, so taking security measures seriously is essential for any business.

Here’s how you can keep your company safe from the seven types of cyberattacks:

1. Password Attack

Password strength is one of the most critical factors in protecting your business. Weak or overused passwords are the most common tactics for hacking businesses to steal information. Password attacks are so common that the next three attacks are all password related.

2. Cycle Attacks

Using common passwords can have substantial consequences for your business. Many hackers will use software to cycle various common passwords through websites and accounts that your company uses. Once they find the right password, they have gained access to any information and data stored through the accounts your business relies on to do business.

3. Seven Digits or Less

Most hackers are aware that individuals use passwords that are easy to remember. This means they will be shorter and simpler so they can quickly gain access to different websites and accounts. Be sure to train employees to make longer, more complex passwords, so they are safe from hackers.

4. One Step Logins

If you’ve logged into an account before on a device, hackers can retrieve usernames and passwords through viruses and Trojan Horses. When possible, use multiple authentication or access codes to add additional security layers to accounts.

5. Former Employees

When an employee is fired or transitions away from your company, they pose a potential risk to your business’ data and information. When an employee is fired or leaves your company, be sure to remove their access from your network.

6. Viruses

Various malware lurks on even the most popular websites to hack your business. Be sure to use antivirus software and train employees not to respond to suspicious emails or messages.

7. DOS (Denial of Service)

A common hacking tactic is to gain control over a computer and overload your network to shut you down. To prevent this from happening, monitor your traffic patterns through analytics and keep software updated.

Taking the right steps for cybersecurity is critical to saving your business from being the next victim of a cyber attack. To learn more about cybersecurity, contact Allen Business Machines today!