Why Document Security is About More Than Hackers

digital documents being selected

When we think of document security and the threats to our business’ information and data, our minds often go to hackers. We think of an intentional, malicious attack from someone seeking to steal sensitive information from you and your customers. But the truth is, document security needs to be considered far beyond hackers.

The information left on a piece a paper can do just as much damage as a hacker could.

Sounds crazy, right? But it happens, a lot. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, everyone is vulnerable when they print documents and forms with precious information. Even the U.S. Government has fallen victim to this blunder, so don’t think this is too far-fetched to happen to your business.

Improving Document Security

Don’t get us wrong, investing in security solutions like equipment and software is still a top priority. That is why we always talk about the importance of cybersecurity. But commonly overlooked is the need to protect the papers your business uses in day-to-day tasks. You can pour as much time and energy as possible into cybersecurity but still be at risk if you don’t establish a plan for paper that has been printed.

Securing Print Jobs

Here are a couple tips to help protect documents in your office:

Digitize Signatures

Many prints only occur because they need a signature on them. Then they go back through the copier and into a shredder or filing cabinet. When employees can share documents with each other to obtain digital signatures, less paper goes through the printer, and less paper is left on the printer.

Print Logs

Through managed print services, your business can be equipped to track employees’ and departments’ printing records. This will help you determine where unnecessary printing is taking place and adds a level of accountability for employees who print documents. This will help you track a breach should an employee accidentally lose a document.

Taking these steps is a significant first step to improving your document security. To learn more, contact Allen Business Machines today to secure your print process!