disaster recovery plan

All advanced thinking companies know that disaster can strike at any time and for this reason, they have a disaster recovery plan in place. The problem is these plans are only as good as how well they stay current. If your software has changed but your plan hasn’t it’s time to update.



Copiers today can produce much more than duplicate copies. Here’s how to take advantage of finishing options that will impress clients and maximize creativity.

Producing Large Packets

One of the more time-consuming parts of creating large documents is putting all the pages in order. Collating is a document finishing function that produces pages in the same order as...

healthcare managed print

Managed print is a service that reduces printing to minimize costs associated with document production. The healthcare industry is unique in that their product is patient care, something that is intangible but invaluable. For facilities trying to improve their level of security and supervision, managed print can help.

1. Prioritized Security

Every industry wants to...

office furniture

If you thought office furniture only existed to perform a function, it’s time to consider more possibilities. The way we shape our space and the office we visit every day can affect what we accomplish and how we feel about.

Your Environment Matters

We spend the majority of our lives outside the home, at work. It only makes sense then that a dull and boring space...

Woman singing with headphones on

The days are finally getting a little brighter and depending on where you live, the flowers might already be in bloom. Each day gets a bit warmer and spring has almost arrived! Here are some of the best songs to welcome in spring.


“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

With The Beatles’ library finally available on streaming platforms, it’s easier now more...

Phone plugged into laptop

There’s so much more to being eco-friendly than using computers and Cloud computing instead of printing things. How you use your technology can also make an impact. Here are some suggestions on how to be eco-friendly with your tech use.


Be Conscious of Your Carbon Footprint

According to a study from...

Craft Flower Project

Is your desk bland and boring? Need something colorful or inspiring to look at during your day? If you find that others in the office are talking about your boring workspace, here are a few easy crafts to create for your desk.


Cord Covers

Are your exposed electrical cords a distraction from everything else on your desk? If so, take into consideration...

Person cleaning Fridge

Every person in your office shares the office fridge and it doesn’t take long for it to get dirty. A dirty fridge is not only a hazard to your health, but can be off-putting if you’re expecting guests or clients to be in your breakroom. Use the following tips to keep your office fridge clean so your kitchen area will stay presentable.

Practice General Housekeeping ...

Woman managing apps on her phone

Are you curious about the top skills employers are looking for today? While some of the skills may be more technical, there are a few important ones that span a variety of fields. Here are some opinions about the top skills in demand right now.


Communication Skills & Teamwork

According to research by...

File folders with labels

Do you love success stories? If you’re a business owner, you understand how much hard work is spent on developing a successful career. Here are a few interesting stories of how celebrities and founders of major companies went from rags to riches.


Larry Ellison – CTO & Founder of Oracle

Larry Ellison was born in New York City’s Lower East Side...


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