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office furniture

Not all office furniture is created equal, and, perhaps more importantly, not all of it is right for you. Luckily, choosing ideal office furniture can be easy and stress-free--as long as you come prepared with these simple tips, that is.

office furniture

There's a lot to focus on when it comes to ensuring that your workplace is as productive, efficient, and comfortable as possible--and office furniture is a big part of that. However, buying office furniture isn't always as easy as it sounds. Is it ideal to choose the cheapest options, or are more expensive options going to serve you better? Let's find out!

office furniture

Selecting new office furniture can be an enjoyable process, but it's also very easy to make a costly mistake. Some common pitfalls include putting too much emphasis on sticker price or overlooking comfort.

Here are a few pointers for selecting office furniture that not only looks great but will serve your business admirably for years to come.

When a Deal is Not a Deal

person with neck related injury

We now know that knowledge workers are at risk of back and neck injuries and other preventable ailments, even when their jobs require little in the way of physical exertion. With back and neck pain frequent contributors to employee absences, it's in your best interest to address the issue.

You spend a lot of time developing strategies to ensure customers receive an excellent first impression from your business. These efforts often include website design, social media esthetics, and intuitive, simple ordering processes. Have you considered the first impression that your reception area gives to potential clients?

office space with furniture

Every entrepreneur dreams of the day their business can transition out of a home or garage to an office. If you’re making that transition, congratulations! Or maybe you’re a business owner who is looking to update your office’s furniture.

Regardless of what stage your business is at, we’ve got a few tips to keep in mind when selecting new office furniture:

standing desk in use

Sitting at a desk from nine-to-five, five days a week will take a toll on anyone’s health. When someone sits for most of the hours in a day, they are burning minimal calories, making weight tough to manage. Sitting a lot has also been linked to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even premature death.

This is a tough predicament for office workers because most of their work is done sitting down at a desk. Standing desks have offered a solution to this problem, however, and they are becoming more popular throughout offices.

business woman working at desk

Having a workspace where employees want to work makes an incredible difference in employee productivity. An employee is much more likely to be productive if they enjoy the space they work in. Here are some tips for creating an office environment that will help boost your employees’ performance.

standing desk

Standing desks are somewhat of a buzzword when it comes to office furniture. As with any trend, myths always emerge about adverse side effects. Here are four myths you can ignore.

office furniture

More businesses are highlighting the importance of an ergonomic workplace and for a good reason. Ergonomic furniture can affect your comfort and efficiency. For those who spend a majority of their time in the office this is essential to productivity. Here are two ways your office furniture can create a more ergonomic desk area.


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