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Are you thinking about restructuring your workspace? Do you figure the best way to boost productivity is to say goodbye to cubicles for good? If so, then hold on just a minute! Today we're sharing one of the best-kept office furniture and flow secrets: cubicles might be better than open offices.

Cubicles? Really?

There are good reasons companies are trying to move away from cubicles: people don't always like them. They can be tedious, confining, and maybe even a little bit claustrophobic.


Whether you're moving into a new building, renovating your existing space, or just trying to freshen things up a bit, one thing is clear: you're going to need some new office furniture. Today, we'll share a few secrets for putting that office furniture to work for you, your employees, and your business as a whole.


Conference rooms get somewhat of a bad rap. They can be seen as dull, uninspiring, or, in extreme cases, sometimes even frustrating--and that makes it difficult for employees to get their best work done. To create a comfortable, productive, and attractive conference room, check out these simple office furniture tips!


When it comes to boosting productivity and improving employee morale, your mind probably jumps to something like high-end tech or a fancy new business solution. And while both of those things can help, they can't compare to the truly human benefits of healthier, more comfortable office furniture. Can't believe something as simple as a sit/stand desk could make that much difference? Read on to see for yourself!


Modern workplaces are more advanced than ever--and not just in smartphone tech and network printers. Office furniture, too, has come a long way. Gone are the days of awkward desks and uncomfortable seating arrangements; instead, companies of all shapes and sizes are moving toward sophisticated, empowering, and efficient furnishings. The future is now--and here's how to bring it into your office.

office furniture

When it comes time to calculate your taxes, you want to be prepared--and to do that, you need all the right information. Here are a few handy tips to help you take your office furniture into account!

office interior

How do you create a workplace that is comfortable, inspiring, and efficient? Simple: you start by focusing on the furniture! Today we'll share some simple office furniture tips that will really make your workplace shine.

office furniture

At first glance, you might think that office furniture is the culprit when it comes to clutter and disorganization, not the solution. After all, where better to stack papers than a desktop, and where better to cram random office supplies than a drawer? The truth, though, is that office furniture can actually help you get and stay organized--if it's put to work for you, that is.

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When you think about "boosting efficiency," you probably start considering workflows, technology, and other classic tools--but have you ever stopped to wonder if office furniture can make a difference? Read on to find out why the answer is yes!

standing desk

When we think about world progress, it's almost always technology that comes to mind--but it's not just computers and phones that are changing. We're also getting new perspectives on things we take for granted--like sitting. Sitting all day can be a big problem for your health, so companies of all shapes and sizes are trading traditional office furniture for something new: standing desk accessories.


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