What To Do If You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

Overworked Person

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? You’re not alone. According to The American Institute of Stress, 40 percent of employees report that their job is very or extremely stressful. Another study conducted by Paychex shows that on a scale from one (not stressed at all) to five (as stressed as possible), 30.6 percent are at a stress level of four or five. Here are a couple of things you can do to reduce your job-related anxiety. 


Tell a Coworker

Sometimes, sharing how you’re feeling inside helps you feel better. Talk about what symptoms you are experiencing and how you feel. This can help reduce the risk of having a panic attack at work. Talk with this person about any issues that you’re facing as well. They can then give you advice on how to present this information to your boss.


Tell Your Boss

If you feel that you’re strapped when it comes to resources and you need help, it may be time to approach your boss with your concerns. Your boss can also help you to prioritize your workload and give you some valuable advice. Think about it… your boss has probably been in a similar situation as you. He or she won’t know you’re feeling overwhelmed unless you say something.


Set Boundaries

If you can, try not to bring your work home with you. A healthy work-life balance is important for your mental health. Try to avoid checking your email and voicemail when you get home. Chances are, whoever is contacting you might not expect a response until the beginning of work the next day.


If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed during the workday, try to step outside and take a break. Even if it’s only for five minutes, a walk around the block or your office building can help reduce your anxiety.


Eat Healthy & Rest

A lack of sleep and a poor diet may be why you’re feeling stressed. Evaluate how much rest you’re getting and what you’re eating during the day. See if you need to make any adjustments. Also, try exercising before or after work to relieve some of your stress.


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