3 Most Effective Tactics to Reduce Copier Costs

Cutting Your Printing Costs

When it comes to your copier, the machine does a lot of work in your office. While your equipment is up to the task of producing needed copies, there are always ways to reduce your copier costs. Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Create Authorized Users

The first step in reducing copier costs is to siphon off wasteful printing. You can discuss implementing approved copier strategies with your employees to eliminate unneeded waste. These strategies might include restricting access to copiers and allowing authorized users to have a designated passcode.

2. Encourage Sustainability

The more involved your employees are with reducing copier costs, the more successful your plan will be. Mention the desire to create a more sustainable office, so there are two goals for people to work towards. Ask them to come up with ways that they could contribute to making the office more green. Some good examples are duplex printing and double checking the number of needed copies before over production.

3. Digitize process

As more offices move away from paper towards a digital structure, you can take advantage of these advancements. There are many processes done on paper that can be done digitally. Depending on your industry and your type of business you may find that you can significantly reduce your copying. Processes such as collecting signatures can be done electronically, and PDFs can be shared via email instead of copied for the entire office.

The copier is a much-needed piece of equipment in the office and will not find itself replaced anytime in the near future. That being said it’s always beneficial to find ways to reduce costs and maintain a sustainable office in the meantime.

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