The Great Office Furniture Debate: Cubicles vs. Workstations


Which is better: a cubicle or a workstation? What's the difference? Today we'll take a look at this great office furniture debate and help you decide which setup is best for your office!

Compare and Contrast

You may not realize it at first, but office furniture plays a significant role in the "spirit" of your company. It defines a visitor's first impressions, impacts employee morale and inspiration, and can even help (or hinder) things like efficiency and productivity.

Take, for example, work areas. The difference between a cubicle and a workstation might be the difference between a happy, successful company and a struggling one--so here's everything you need to know.


A cubicle has the benefit of being familiar. It's a small, private workspace usually separated from others by wall-like barriers. Here's how cubicles stack up:

  • Efficiency:
    Cubicles are excellent news for efficiency if your workers thrive in quiet, private areas, or if certain roles require a lot of focus.

  • Communication:
    This is where cubicles struggle. The collaboration element simply doesn't exist when walls separate employees.

  • Distractions:
    When each employee has their own space, distractions are at a minimum--but, perhaps, so is inspiration.


Workstations are a newcomer to the office furniture scene. They look a little different in every company, but the main idea is that they give employees a shared space to work and collaborate. Here's how workstations stack up:

  • Efficiency:
    Workstations are suitable for efficiency, but only if your employees thrive on working closely with one another.

  • Communication:
    Need advice, an idea, or just an extra pen? All your coworkers are right there ready to collaborate when you've got a workstation.

  • Distractions:
    Workstations are simply more distracting. There's more chance of social conversations breaking out, and even work-related discussions could interrupt employees trying to focus.

So, what's your stance on the great office furniture debate? Contact us today to get started making your dream office a reality!