How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space

small office space

A small office space is not a detriment to business if you don’t let it. There are many ways to take advantage of the space you have to create a productive office. Read on to learn how to conquer the space you have.

Utilize Natural Components

To open up your space let natural light in. Keep windows clear of office furniture that may block the light and keep the blinds open. The use of light will help people to feel less confined. Another strategy is to invite nature in by placing indoor plants around the office. Specific plants have air purifying properties and can make your room more inviting.

Incorporate Design Elements

Designing the layout of your office in a small space can impact productivity and overall employee happiness. Maximize the space you have and leave room for clear walkways. If you can alter walls, consider painting them with light colors to give off the feeling of a larger space. Mirrors are also a great tool for expanding space visually.

Try a Shared Workspace

Trying to fit multiple individual desks or cubicles in a small office space can make your area even smaller. Take advantage of collaborative workspaces and try something new. Grouping employees together allow them to take on projects as a team and increase efficiency. Collaborative office furniture is the best way to keep your small office space open.

Keeping a Small Space Clean

What’s the one thing that will inevitably happen in a small space? If clutter came to your mind, you’re right. While a pile of papers and random items might not be a big deal in a large office space, a small space will shrink as clutter piles up. Implement a flexible cleaning regime so that everyone keeps their area clean for a stress-free environment.

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