Managed Network Solutions: Simple Security Tips

security icon, lock, laptop in use

Security is one of those questions that no one can ever answer perfectly. That's probably because "security" looks a little different in every industry and every unique business, which means that what worked for one company won't necessarily work for yours. That's why it's helpful to brush up on simple security tips with a little help from managed network services.

Network Security vs. Printer Security

In this day and age, "security" is more like an umbrella term referring to all the different solutions and processes you have in place to protect your various devices, networks, connections, and even offline workflows. However, the truth is that boosting security becomes a lot easier when you don't view all of these things as separate entities. Managed network services functions off of the ideal that security of all kinds is interconnected, just like your technology itself--which means that "network security" and "printer security" have more in common than you might think.

With this view in mind, let's take a look at some managed network solutions!

  • Change up your passwords.

Viewing different types of security as parts of a whole doesn't mean that you should overlook individual aspects--like passwords, for example. Make sure printer and network passwords (and all other passwords, for that matter) are different from each other, never write them down and leave them anywhere, and remember to change them regularly.

  • Use encryption.

Encryption is both a simple and efficient solution, all because it combines network security and printer security. By encrypting your data, you keep it safe as it travels over your network and through various connections--and at the same time, you're adding a safety net to your print security.

  • Update, update, update.

No matter what kind of software we're talking about, it's crucial to stop ignoring or putting off those updates. Updates catch and eliminate weaknesses in your devices that, if left unchecked, could be exploited by hackers.

Managed network services helps you look at security in brand-new ways. Want to learn more? Contact us today!