Secure your Printing with These 3 Security Features


Yes, that's right even your printing can be hacked. Data security is a fundamental component of any technology interaction your business enters into, and it pays to protect your system as much as possible, even your printers and copiers. These three security features can be enabled on your copiers, or could be offered as an add-on by your service provider.

1. Custom users and authentication protocols

Just as your workstation likely has a username and password to log in, you can set your copiers up to accept those credentials as well. This will act as a barrier to individuals who may want to access secure documentation on your business' servers and then print it for the purpose of theft. The service requires users to enter approved credentials before they print and can protect your business in such an instance.

2. PDF Encryption

The PDF file format offers a large suite of security options designed to keep your documents secure and only accessible by those who should have access. Working with your copier service provider can be a great benefit to your business and your clients by understanding these security options and how to employ them in your business model.

3. Biometric Printing

Ok, this one may be a little far-fetched for many industries, but if you have a need for the most security possible, there are ways to restrict document access and duplication by biometric access. This is employing a unique biological identifier to your users as a credential. Think a fingerprint, or the retina scans you may see on television shows. To some, this is overkill and unnecessary, but to others in different industries, you may need something like this to protect your clients and company.

Whatever your security situation is currently or your hopes for the future make sure to at least ask your copier service provider for recommendations and insight into the risks prevalent in document propagation and where your business may have some weak points that you can shore up.