Warning: Toner Phone Scams Exist

phone scam

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of toner phone scams. They are a relatively new threat to business which is why they need to be discussed. Read on to learn what these phone scams look like and how to protect yourself.

What a Phone Scam Looks Like

Supplies like ink and paper for copiers are used so regularly there is little oversight when it comes to ordering. This is how toner phone scams are made possible. Ordering toner is a necessity to use equipment like copiers so scammers can pose as a provider and offer discounted rates that they pressure you into ordering on the spot. Scammers look for specific staff names online and target them by acting like your typical toner provider to make you comfortable.

Types of Phone Scams

  • Impersonation: Scammers are hoping you won’t think twice about placing an order with your trusted provider.
  • Free and Discounted Items: These items for your copier may never arrive, but you will receive an invoice for unwanted items.
  • Asking for Billing Information: A caller will ask for company information for ‘unpaid’ bills and pressuring you for payment.

How to Protect Your Company

Becoming the victim of a toner phone scam is easier than it seems. The first step in preventing scammers from infiltrating your office is to educate your employees. Introduce them to the above types of phone scams. Together, create standards for vetting a phone call from a supposed supplier. Having procedures in place will make employees more confident when it comes time to decipher if a phone call is, in fact, a scam.

The other strategy for avoiding toner phone scams is to watch your copier supply ordering closely. If someone attempts to order toner when your supplies are full, there should be an alert system in place.

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