Before investing in a new copier, it’s important to consider what exactly you need. You’ll be looking at different machines depending if your office makes copies at a high volume or is creating high-quality graphic images. Here are four things to know about purchasing a new copier.

1. Copy and Print Speed

When it comes to speed, many businesses think the faster, the...

managed print services

It makes sense that companies keep a close eye on their expenses, especially printing. The problem is that many don’t know how to keep track of printing costs that are not obvious. Manage print is a service that observes your printing environment and provides recommendations to improve it. Here’s how a...

Flowers on a cutting board

You probably already know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Here are some great project ideas revolving around flowers that bloom in April. 


Tulip Wreath

While you might think wreaths are only for winter, this project is great to add some color to your front door or window sill.


Time Needed: 45 minutes...

Woman spending time on her phone

Do you feel like you haven’t gotten anything done at work today? Consider some of these statistics:

  • 70 percent of employees don’t feel engaged at their current workplace (The Muse).
  • In the corporate sector, productivity decreased 0.4 percent since 2016 (...
Man checking his fitbit

While wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are not new, there’s a trend sweeping the workplace to count steps and try to be healthier with day-to-day routines. According to Gartner, wearable devices are expected to sell 30 million more units this year than in 2017. Here are a few of the features that can help you stay fit...

Picture of healthy salad

Trying to eat a little healthier as spring blooms? If so, check out these simple salad recipes to serve as a side for dinner or to bring with you to work for lunch!


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Let’s start off with a classic Caesar salad. You can adjust the amount of onions and dressing to fit your taste. 


Time Needed: ...

Man Streaming Music

According to Statista, the number of subscribers from 2018 to 2020 is expected to increase by 41.2 million. If you’re on a mobile phone plan without unlimited data, you might be wondering how you can move your entire music catalog online. Fortunately, most apps that offer a paid subscription allow you...

Lady upset she deleted her files

Imagine you’ve been making great progress on an important project. You get a lot done and close out your file. The next day, you come into work to realize that your file can’t be found anywhere and realize it has been deleted. Here are instructions on how you can recover a lost file.


For Windows 7, 8 & 10

First, check your recycling bin to see if...

Dog holding leash with other dog

Many people say they could use a little extra money. According to The Motley Fool, Millennials specifically have a savings rate of negative 2 percent! Whether you are in that negative 2 percent or not, there are some incredibly easy ways to make some extra cash. Here are a few...

Man relaxing with his feet up

Do you currently work in an open office layout, and struggle to find a quiet space? You’re not alone. A recent CNBC article says that 58 percent of high performing employees feel that they need quiet spaces in their open office layouts. Quiet rooms are easy to incorporate...


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