Copiers are investment items for companies and need to be taken care of accordingly. Here are five ways you can increase the lifespan of your copier.

1. Use a Little Care

If the copier in your office hasn’t been used for awhile, send some test run through it. If you’re about to send a...

reduce costs

You can’t undo the need for paper in your business, but you can try to cut the costs. Here are four ways to reduce printing costs with managed print.

1. Go Digital

A digital workplace is based on a structure that aims to cut out printing. Printing costs include more than the paper itself. You also need to include consumables such as ink and energy costs. If you focus...

standing desk

Standing desks are somewhat of a buzzword when it comes to office furniture. As with any trend, myths always emerge about adverse side effects. Here are four myths you can ignore.

1. You Will Be Standing All Day

While the name of a standing desk would imply that the function is to stand all day, the reality is much different. A standing desk is meant to give you the...

managed network solutions

Cloud technology is relatively new, but it is becoming more common in today’s business world. It can be intimidating if you’re not sure how the idea of storing data on a server works. The good news is that it is much more straightforward than it seems. Here are three benefits of cloud technology.

1. Containing Costs

If you have your data stored in a cloud software...

Cool desserts for summer

Summer is here! With it, comes time for cool desserts for warm nights. Check out our recipes. Note that while the time needed for each of these to cool off might take a while, all of the recipes can be prepped in 10 minutes. 


Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie

Too hot to turn on the oven in your house? No problem. Make this ice-cold pie instead! While you do need...

Man in apron grilling

A gift with a personal touch can be nice to give and even better to receive. According to Business Wire, the personalized gift market is expected to grow approximately nine percent. Here are a few gift ideas that can include your recipient’s name on it.


Couple on a road trip

There’s a lot to remember when packing for a road trip. Sometimes, you might forget about what you need to keep your tech running smoothly. Here are some of the ways to keep devices in great shape and avoid any hiccups on the road this summer.


Have a Holder for Your Phone

Before your road trip, shop for a holder that can either be attached to your...

Woman interviewing a man for a job


Congratulations on the new position! With a new employment opportunity comes a time to shine and really show what you’re worth. Before you go in the first day, here are a couple of things you should do.

Take Some Time Off Between Jobs

If you are giving two weeks’ notice from another job, see if you can sneak in some time off. Even if...

Woman being productive

Does your employer face a slowdown during the summer? Are you having a tough time focusing at work when you would rather be outside enjoying beautiful weather? You’re not alone. Focusing at work when it’s extremely hot outside and when others are on vacation can make it difficult to get things done. Here are a few ways you can stay productive at the office during the summer.




Taking care of your copier will increase the lifespan of your investment. Maintaining your machine doesn’t need to be a chore and can be done with these four simple tips.

1. Keep the Glass Clean

It goes without saying that any liquid that comes into contact with the glass on your copier...


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